What are My Story Cards?

My Story cards are interviewer administered cards which use a strengths based, client centred approach to facilitate communication between counsellor and client. My Story Cards assist in developing emotional intelligence and skills development around prioritising and goal setting. They are effective in simplifying complex problems and more effectively targeting treatment.
My Story Cards consist of a series of titled picture cards depicting 25 life areas. They are a relatively quick, efficient means of identifying domains of treatment for people with relationship or emotional issues or to identify and set goals. Visual images have been found to be more powerfully linked to emotions than words alone (Dewhurst and Conway 1994).

In Addition to picture cards for the general population a culturally specific set of strengths based My Story Cards were developed to meet the specific needs of Aboriginal people.

My Story Cards for Aboriginal people are the first Aboriginal specific therapeutic tool. They have been designed with Aboriginal people to be a culturally safe, empowering and sensitive tool to identify significant areas to focus therapy, set goals or as a health promotion resource. My Story Cards can be used with individuals, families or groups.